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Blue Plate

Chocolate pie

Posted by crimsonbiblio on 2011.04.12 at 13:09

I was rewatching some episodes of the Two Fat Ladies some months ago, and one of them made a chocolate pie that she said was a 17th century recipe.  The crust was made of almond flour.  Unfortunately I deleted the episode before I thought to write down the recipe, and I haven't had any luck finding any more information.

Does this recipe sound familiar to anyone?


Storm Dragon

A New Look

Posted by aeriedraconia on 2011.02.16 at 13:12
Hi! *waves*

I've updated the look of the community and simplified the profile info. Welcome!

Storm Dragon


Posted by aeriedraconia on 2010.07.16 at 19:58
This post is to ensure that this community account stays active through the great inactive name purge LJ is doing.

Also, look for a slightly updated and simplified profile and  a new post to this community soon.

Moon Dragons

What Is It About Vintage Cookery That Appeals?

Posted by aeriedraconia on 2007.03.08 at 08:10
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What Is It About Vintage Cookery That Appeals?

Is it the presentation?  We often don't take the time to prepare a pretty table setting or even put the food into pretty serving dishes in this day and age.

Is it the preparation?  The satisfaction of making everything yourself and turning out a full meal?

Is it the all natural ingredients?  Fewer chemicals in your food?

Is it because it seems healthier (setting aside issues with butter and cream)?

Does it bring your family closer together?  In the preparation or at the table?

Is it because, for a little while, you can step into another time and let your imagination replace cars, lawn mowers and modern clothes with horses, cultured gardens and long gowns and suits?



Mid Summer Feast

Posted by shimmer_of_gold on 2006.06.19 at 20:48
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Yes, it's that time of year again. I don't know about you, but I'm already scrambling for no cook meals, that won't heat up the house. I should have some good ones to share in a few weeks.

Right now let's focus on the season at hand, but I don't want to argue about the date. All we need to know is the first day of summer is officially this week and what better way to celebrate it than with food.

This is the menu I'm planningRead more...Collapse )


Good Morning!

Posted by shimmer_of_gold on 2006.06.02 at 08:07
I'm shimmer, I'm fairly new to live journal. I'm really into cooking. 

Right now I'm learning to convert my recipes to scratch. I found a bread recipe that was horrible, it took 4 weeks to straighten it out. But it's un believable now. I need to rewrite it on paper before I can share it here, with the original recipe and source of course. 

This week I switched to pies, I made a pot pie from store bought pieces. Next week I will make the crust and shell myself, then turn to a scratch filling. I thing it's easier to take it in sections or levels, that way you don't get over whelmed. 

One of the projects my daughters and I want to do is collect all of Miss Sissy's recipes and then mine and then put them in "books of shadow" for them. And cooking can be so seasonal, I wouldn't do pot pies in the summer. I use that term "book of shadow" cause I really think there's a holy  and powerful aspect to sharing family recipes, cooking for each other, caring for each other, ya know. And it hope I haven't offended anyone.

Hope to share and hear from you soon.


in going to the Jane Austen Festival, in Bath England, to be held in September of this year.


I hope it will be a place for all who are interested in going, or who have gone, to the Fest (or Bath) to talk, give opinions and ask questions in regards to the festival and city!

Thanks for your interest!

Storm Dragon

A Book of Themed Tea Parties

Posted by aeriedraconia on 2006.03.12 at 12:23
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A while ago I found Tea with Friends by Elizabeth Knight and published by Storey Books (www.storey.com) (1998). Available at Amazon.com.

 In it are basic guides for taking tea from the serving down to what to serve.  There are also suggestions for a monthly themed tea party. 


For example, January is the Hogmany High Tea.

Ms. Knight gives a complete menu. 


Beverages: Lapsang Souchong tea and Wassail punch.

Savories: Baked ham, Hoppin' John rice and Black-eyed peas casserole (I have to wonder at this suggestion personally)  and spinach salad.

Sandwiches: Smoked salmon with dill and lemon creme fraiche on pumpernickel. Cucumber and watercress on white bread and Cream cheese with finely chopped crystallized ginger on date-nut bread.

Sweets: Scottish scones (Recipe is provided), short bread petticoats with tips dipped in chocolate and black bun fruitcake.


She also provides one recipe, an idea for a centerpiece for the table, music suggestion and a small activity.  This book is a small hardback book filled with watercolor illustrations and interesting ideas for tea parties with your friends.

Storm Dragon

Welcome to Vintage Cookery

Posted by aeriedraconia on 2006.03.11 at 12:12
Come over and share an old fashioned recipe, share the goodness of a home cooked dish or perhaps start a conversation about a victorian themed tea or birthday party.

Do you know of old-fashioned cookbooks? Do you have any old family recipes that you'd like to share?

Step in and join Vintage Cookery!