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What Is It About Vintage Cookery That Appeals?

Posted by aeriedraconia on 2007.03.08 at 08:10
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What Is It About Vintage Cookery That Appeals?

Is it the presentation?  We often don't take the time to prepare a pretty table setting or even put the food into pretty serving dishes in this day and age.

Is it the preparation?  The satisfaction of making everything yourself and turning out a full meal?

Is it the all natural ingredients?  Fewer chemicals in your food?

Is it because it seems healthier (setting aside issues with butter and cream)?

Does it bring your family closer together?  In the preparation or at the table?

Is it because, for a little while, you can step into another time and let your imagination replace cars, lawn mowers and modern clothes with horses, cultured gardens and long gowns and suits?



ascarlettletter at 2007-03-08 21:45 (UTC) (Link)
Yes! The final one!
for me it is the naustalgia! It's the idea that you can step back in time and fill four of your five senses with the same things that had filled the senses of a long gone era. For a moment you've stepped back in time.
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