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Storm Dragon

A Book of Themed Tea Parties

Posted by aeriedraconia on 2006.03.12 at 12:23
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A while ago I found Tea with Friends by Elizabeth Knight and published by Storey Books (www.storey.com) (1998). Available at Amazon.com.

 In it are basic guides for taking tea from the serving down to what to serve.  There are also suggestions for a monthly themed tea party. 


For example, January is the Hogmany High Tea.

Ms. Knight gives a complete menu. 


Beverages: Lapsang Souchong tea and Wassail punch.

Savories: Baked ham, Hoppin' John rice and Black-eyed peas casserole (I have to wonder at this suggestion personally)  and spinach salad.

Sandwiches: Smoked salmon with dill and lemon creme fraiche on pumpernickel. Cucumber and watercress on white bread and Cream cheese with finely chopped crystallized ginger on date-nut bread.

Sweets: Scottish scones (Recipe is provided), short bread petticoats with tips dipped in chocolate and black bun fruitcake.


She also provides one recipe, an idea for a centerpiece for the table, music suggestion and a small activity.  This book is a small hardback book filled with watercolor illustrations and interesting ideas for tea parties with your friends.

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