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Welcome to Vintage Cookery, an old-fashioned cooking from scratch recipe community.
Vintage Cookery is all about the fading art of cooking from scratch, old recipes, vintage table settings, family dinning, entertaining friends and themed parties or gatherings.

Home cooked food can bring the family together, be a fun excuse to get together with your friends or bring back wonderful memories from long ago. I am also interested in the application of the recipes for gatherings or friends and family for special events like a Greek festival potluck, a murder mystery dinner, high tea, a medieval feast or Jane Austen themed supper. Feel free to write about any event like that you held or attended.

Home cooked food can be a healthier alternative to dinning out and prepackaged, prepared foods because you know exactly what goes in the dish. If you are on a restricted diet, have allergies, are a vegetarian or vegan or simply have food dislikes you can control it all much easier by cooking your own meals from scratch.

The from scratch part is all about side stepping the modern tendency to open a can of cream of condensed soup, dump it in and call it done. Cooking from scratch takes more time but the effort is worth it in the outcome.

When posting recipes there are a few guidelines:

Absolutely NO:
Cream of condensed soup, figure out a way to recreate it from scratch.
Dry soup mix in an envelope, figure out a way to recreate it from scratch.

Permissible shortcuts:
Canned/tinned vegetables and fruits. Not everything is in season, people do not have the kitchen space to home can any more and not everyone knows how to do it safely theses days.
Ready made broth.
Slow cookers

Recipes posted in Vintage Cookery may be read by people from all over the world so please remember that some ingredients you name by brand name may not be available everywhere and will baffle the rest of us. Please supply a generic descriptive name for that item as well.

I encourage comments on the recipes and good conversations. Enjoy, have fun and be nice.

Absolutely NO SPAM.
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